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Service and responsiveness

If you ever need a non-standard feature or change – almost inevitable if you are a larger business – we can usually add it quickly with the minimum of fuss, in days or even hours

Technical flexibility & innovation

Requesting a non-standard feature or change from most payment services companies is likely to be an extremely slow, frustrating process. Apart from SMEs, almost all businesses which trade online will at some point need something that is not standard. Yet payment service providers are traditionally change averse – hamstrung by issues like compliance, the size of the organisation, and lengthy internal procedures and politics. In addition, they are often working with the old technology of legacy systems, making changes even more difficult. So even if something is technically possible, there is no guarantee it will ever actually happen. This ‘don’t rock the boat’ mentality more frequently sees payment processing providers refusing to supply clients with anything other than what they already have. Leaving businesses with the option of making do with their existing system or spending a lot of their money and their own developers’ time to develop your own features.

SoEasyPay – offering our clients adaptability and technical flexibility

At SoEasyPay we understand what a major issue – and huge headache – this lack of adaptability is for modern business. We are an agile, relatively small company, and more importantly we have a proactive, ‘can do’ approach. As a forward-thinking company we also embrace change and innovation. SoEasyPay believes in staying open-minded to suggestions and ideas for new features from clients – which could ultimately improve our platform and give added value to our service. Plus we developed our payment gateway ourselves from scratch, which gives us full control over the system and the ability to add changes quickly and easily. It means we are technically flexible and fast, and can usually do changes or special features for larger clients with the minimum of fuss, in days or even hours.

Consultancy approach and bespoke/niche solutions 

In contrast to the payment industry norm, which has been to treat clients as little more than a merchant number, SoEasyPay adopts a consultancy approach where we work with you as your payment processing partner:

  • We monitor and analyse your business;
  • Communicate regularly with you;
  • And offer advice we believe is in your best interests.

Our aim is to understand your goals, provide a platform to help you develop your online business, and identify any ways in which you can improve your bottom line. Whether it’s avoiding cross border fees on international transactions or using a back up merchant account for redundancy, too many businesses are simply unaware of how they could make – often dramatic – savings. Ignorance that the rest of the payment services industry, unfortunately, appears only to eager to maintain.

Bespoke & niche solutions

While ‘one size fits all’ solutions are common in the rest of the payment services industry, SoEasyPay’s highly consultative and personal approach means that, apart from our packages specifically for SMEs, all our solutions are bespoke. We consult with corporate and enterprise clients to deliver a solution tailored to each individual business’ needs and the industry they operate in.

This means we can create bespoke solutions for special niche industries – for example, a hosting company will require a different payment solution to a client selling software. For clients with a high volume of international online business we can identify in which countries it would make financial sense to set up a local merchant bank account. We also innovate; for instance, we used our technological expertise to build a demo system for a telecoms client in Romania that required consumers to type in their mobile phone number when making online card payments, allowing the client to check that the phone number matched the bank account.

We are integrated with somany payment methods