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Easy, flexible integration with your website

Hosted payment pages – a fast, simple cost-effective option

SoEasyPay offers two integration solutions: Integrated solutions (API) where your developer integrates the SoEasyPay gateway and payment pages into your website, and hosted payment pages where customers on clicking your website checkout button are redirected to a payment page hosted on our servers. Hosted payment pages are ideal for businesses looking for an easy, cost effective option and who do not need the advanced functionality of an API integration. All that is involved is copying a unique URL/link into your system (about 5 minutes’ work) that will automatically take customers to the payment page hosted on our servers.

Unique features to boost your sales conversions

For any online business the payment page is one of the most important features in the whole sales process. While hosted payment pages in themselves aren’t unusual, where SoEasyPay comes into its own is with innovative features designed to increase your sales conversions and harness the explosion in handheld devices:

  • Multiple payment pages – SoEasyPay is unique in supporting multiple payment pages for hosted payment page solutions.
  1. Customise payment pages to see which converts the best for your business – It is important you get a payment page design that converts well for your particular industry sector. It is why as well as offering generic payment pages, SoEasyPay also offers you the option to design and customise your payment page and to test multiple payment pages to see which gets the best results. An effective payment page can make a massive difference to a business.
  2. Optimise payment pages for different mobile devices – Blackberries, iPhones and tablets have seen the handheld device market explode, with people in the UK now using handheld devices to go online 8 times a day* on average. But entering a card number on a smartphone can be very difficult if the payment page is not set up properly for that specific device, and can result in the customer simply abandoning the transaction. Supporting multiple payment pages means SoEasyPay can ensure you have payment pages that work well on different mobile devices with the right level of security. We can set you up with several payment pages – eg one optimised for desktops/laptops, one for mobile phones, one for smartphones, one for tablets etc – and then divert customers to the appropriate page. Because each page is optimised for the end user experience, the end result is more conversions and the ability to make the most of a booming market.
  • Look, feel & URL that matches your website – One problem with hosted payment pages is that it is often obvious to the customer they are being redirected to another website for payment – this is often clear from the change in URL and the payment services company may even have their branding and logo across the payment page. We believe your business looks much more professional if it is not immediately clear to the customer they have been moved away from the original website, for this reason:
  1. Matching look & feel – SoEasyPay gives you the option of making your payment page exactly match your website in look, feel, layout and branding.
  2. Matching URL – In addition, when the customer is redirected to the payment page, the front part of the URL remains unchanged, so instead of it stays as  

API - integration for more functionality and flexibility, fast and easy

SoEasyPay offers two integration solutions: hosted payment pages where customers are redirected to a payment page hosted on our servers, and self hosted solutions (API) where your developer integrates the SoEasyPay gateway and payment page into your website. While hosted payment pages are the quickest, easiest solution, making them particularly suitable for SMEs, API integrated solutions work well for large volume companies who need a high level of functionality and flexibility.

SoEasyPay’s API – feature-rich, and faster and easier to work with

Talking to and working closely with developers means we understand their frustrations when faced with integrating a payment processing service into an online store. It is why our API (Application Programme Interface) is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best in the industry:

  • Simple & easy – Our API is very user-friendly for fast and easy integration. We have simple explanations, lots of examples on how to do different things, and code that is easy to copy and paste.
  • Clear, correct documentation – We really focus on ensuring our technical documentation is fault-free and always up to date, so things work first time and developers don’t waste hours on corrections (one of their greatest bugbears).
  • Software plug-ins – We are continually developing new software plug-ins for different platforms. We currently offer plug-ins for Magento, Joomla, Drupal, PyroCMS, osCommerce and DNN.
  • A flexible API with extensive technical features – Allowing you to handle all aspects of online payment processing, including: sale, authorise, decline, capture, voiding, refunding and partial deliveries.
  • Support for developers – We offer a 24/7 support system. Developers who sign up as a registered SoEasyPay developer also benefit from updates, beta testing opportunities and can make special requests and suggestions.

For more information on SoEasyPay’s API and how we work with developers please click here
*Source: BBC

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