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Relationships with 30+ acquiring banks

More choice with an independent payment service provider

As an independent payment service provider (PSP), SoEasyPay is not owned by, controlled by or affiliated with any particular bank. This means our clients are not locked into using one specific bank to process their merchant account/s, and we have the freedom to match you with the bank that offers the best solution for your individual business and the most competitive terms and conditions.

SoEasyPay works with 30+ acquiring banks worldwide including:

HSBC;  Barclays;  NatWest;  Lloyds TSB;  Crédit Lyonnais;  Crédit Agricole;  Wells Fargo;  Deutsche Bank..... just to mention a few.

Flexibility to offer more competitive rates

With very few exceptions, the vast majority of businesses going to a bank for a merchant account are likely to be offered a standard transaction rate. At SoEasyPay we can often provide businesses with a more competitive merchant account transaction rate. This is because:

  • We work with 30+ acquiring banks rather than being just tied into one;
  • We buy in bulk which helps us negotiate good transaction rates with the banks;
  • And we have the flexibility to set rates that reflect the industry sector and size of each individual client (for example, if you are in a low risk industry sector we may be able to offer you a lower rate).

Flexibility to cater for ‘high risk’ sectors

Some banks are unwilling to provide merchant accounts for customers from ‘high risk’ or contentious industry sectors (for example travel, cosmetics, adult entertainment and gambling). Because SoEasyPay works with a network of 30+ acquiring banks rather than just being affiliated with one, we can match your business with a suitable bank and will find a payment services solution whatever industry sector you are in.

We are integrated with somany payment methods