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Multiple currencies

Selling AND settling in the currencies of your choice

With SoEasyPay you can accept all the major debit and credit cards in up to 180 different currencies and in multiple languages

There are 2 distinct ways in which SoEasyPay differs from its competitors – the margins involved are unlikely to make a difference if you do not do much business internationally, but will potentially have a huge impact on businesses with high volume global online sales:

  1. Save money by routing international transactions to where they get the lowest rate – The first big difference with SoEasyPay is that whichever card and currency your customer pays in, offering the option of multiple merchant accounts, means that we can route each transaction to the most appropriate merchant account according to where it will avoid cross border fees and get the lowest rate. (To read more see: Unlimited merchant accounts: International trading – avoid being penalised by cross border fees)
  2. Save money through multiple settlement currencies – Secondly, offering the option of multiple merchant accounts, also means we can offer settlement (pay out) in the same currency as the sale/transaction, allowing you to manage your own currency exchange rates – which can lead to significant savings for merchants with high volumes of international sales. When your customers pay in one currency, and you receive settlement in another, the likelihood is you are paying hefty currency conversion fees to your payment services provider and, in addition, the timing may mean that exchange rates are not at their most favourable. The example below shows how this works in practice:
  • With limited number of settlement currencies: Take, for example, a UK merchant with significant online trade in Hong Kong and one merchant account in the UK, whose payment services company offers a choice of 3 settlement currencies: the Euro, US Dollar and Pound Sterling. When the UK merchant makes a sale in Hong Kong Dollars, the money is transferred to its UK merchant account (thereby incurring high cross border fees) and automatically exchanged into Pounds Sterling on the same day (with the payment services company charging a hefty fee for currency conversion, and the risk of a poor current exchange rate).  If you ar lucky, within a few days the money is transferred to the merchant’s UK business bank account.
  • With SoEasyPay – sale and settlement in the same currency:  Using the same example, we would set up a local merchant account in Hong Kong for the UK merchant.  When a transaction is made in Hong Kong Dollars it would be routed to this Hong Kong merchant account (thereby avoiding cross border fees). Within a few days the money would be transferred to a local business bank account, allowing settlement to be made in Hong Kong Dollars. SoEasyPay would not do any currency conversion and the UK merchant would decide exactly when they want to exchange the money into Pounds Sterling. So they could choose to wait for a more favourable exchange rate; and could also let monies accumulate to minimise foreign exchange fees, rather than exchanging it in dribs and drabs.

Country specific strategies

At SoEasyPay our aim is to help our clients expand the global reach of their businesses – enabling access to more markets and more sales. As a global payment processing provider with an extensive range of international clients and relationships with 30+ acquiring banks worldwide, we can provide an international perspective together with detailed local knowledge about countries in which you wish trade online.

  • We supply payment solutions both across Europe and worldwide
  • We are specialists in the challenges of global cross border trading – if you do a lot of online business abroad you could be paying a lot more than you need to
  • We offer multiple sales and settlement currencies
  • We understand local market conditions around the world, giving us the ability to create local solutions
  • We accept all the major card schemes and a wide range of country-specific payment types
  • We have developed close relationships with acquiring banks across the world 

To discuss if our multiple merchant account option and multiple-currency settlement would be appropriate for your business please call us now on +44 (0) 844 88 49 200 or email

See also Unlimited merchant accounts: International trading – avoid being penalised by cross border fees


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