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Helping you get started

‘one stop shop’ – for your gateway AND merchant account/s 

At SoEasyPay we do all the work for you and can provide both a payment gateway and merchant account/s with just one point of contact. All it takes is to fill out the business info form or one phone call, and we will set up access to the SoEasyPay payment gateway and organise a merchant account/s with a suitable bank (we work with 30+ acquiring banks), which includes negotiating a competitive rate for you and taking care of all the documentation for the Know Your Customer (KYC) processes required by the bank. So you can get online and start trading faster, with less work and less fuss.
For clients who wish to keep an existing internet merchant account or organise one independently we can also offer payment solutions that simply give access to our payment gateway without merchant services. (Special offer: for businesses keeping an existing merchant account we currently offer a FREE back-up merchant account with another bank for redundancy.

One cost centre potentially halving your monthly fees (SMEs)

Many payment service providers appear to offer attractive monthly charges – but these are often only for the payment gateway and do not include merchant account costs (simply because the payment service provider does not offer merchant accounts). This means you have to pay another fee to a bank for your merchant account – which can effectively double your monthly costs and is something businesses often overlook. With SoEasyPay you have just one cost centre: we offer one low combined fee that covers both your merchant account and payment gateway charges. (we do not charge high volume clients any monthly payment gateway fees.)  

Fast set up – 5 - 7 days 

Setting up a merchant account has traditionally been a very slow process, usually taking around a month and in some cases much longer. At SoEasyPay we typically take 5 - 7 days to set up your merchant account, allowing our clients to start trading online and making money faster.

Online trading ‘one stop shop’ – from the SoEasy group

Being part of the SoEasy group (also comprising SoEasySoft and SoEasySecure)  means we have access to an unusually comprehensive range of online expertise, offering the convenience of a one stop shop for everything you need to trade online:
  • Payment gateway & merchant account/s
  • Online fraud prevention measures
  • PCI DSS compliance and other security certification
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Mobile websites
  • Hosting services
  • SEO
  • SEM


We are integrated with somany payment methods