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Monitoring decline & conversion rates

We monitor your decline and conversion rates to alert you early to errors causing lost sales

This feature, unique to SoEasyPay, could significantly impact a business’ revenue. We analyse transaction trends on your account and alert you to any irregularities – so you can identify early errors in your system which unnoticed could, in the worst scenario, see you losing sales for weeks, months or even years to come.

How it works

We have developed a unique tracking system that compares a business’ current levels of card declines and conversions with past levels and also retains figures for error codes, allowing us to identify anything unusual. A minority of companies with extremely switched on finance departments do analyse the transaction information they receive from their banks, but the majority do not, with many companies not even aware they should be monitoring these figures – for these companies our system could make a real difference to their bottom line.

Why isn’t anyone else doing this?

Monitoring and analysing your transactions may seem an obvious thing to do, but as far as we know, no other payment service provider or bank has developed a comparable system – perhaps because the errors picked up, while impacting their clients’ finances, do not affect them directly. We focus on these kinds of innovative technological solutions, because as an independent payment services provider our priority is always our customers’ interests.

Fast transactions

When a customer presses the pay button, your business will suffer if they have to wait for their online transaction. The SoEasyPay payment gateway delivers instant transactions with our servers dedicated solely to payment transactions.

We are integrated with somany payment methods