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Why Developers prefer working with SoEasyPay

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Easy and fast integration thanks to clear, correct documentation

At SoEasyPay we talk to and work closely with developers so we understand the frustrations they face. This is why our payment gateway is fast gaining a reputation as one of the easiest and best to work with.
Our user-friendly API (Application Programme Interface) makes it fast and easy to integrate our gateway with your website or ecommerce platform. And we’ve tackled one of developers’ greatest bugbears – poor documentation. We make it a priority to ensure our technical documentation is fault-free and always up to date, so things work first time and you don’t waste hours on corrections. We also have simple explanations, lots of examples on how to do different things, and code that is easy to copy and paste.
In addition we are continually developing new software plug-ins for different platforms. We currently offer plug-ins for Magento, Chartify, WorldPress e-com, Drupal, osCommerce, PyroCMS and DNN.


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