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Why switch to SoEasyPay?

Top 3

Improve your bottom line

All businesses want to improve their bottom line. At SoEasyPay we have looked at enhancing almost every aspect of payment processing to help you achieve exactly that. This is possible because unlike most providers we are not associated with any particular bank and payment services is all we do, making us more agile, innovative and competitive – and completely free to focus on your best interests.
So as well as delivering everything you would expect from a payment services provider – competitive rates and fast, secure, reliable payment processing – we act as a proactive partner to save you money and improve your cash flow in ways you may not even be aware of. Especially for corporates and large enterprises who do a lot of online trading this can translate into dramatic savings.

An independent payment processing provider that works with you & for you

Unfortunately, in our experience businesses are too often treated as just another merchant number, with traditional payment processing providers giving you the solution most convenient for them. As an independent payment processing provider, free of ties to any banks, SoEasyPay can act as a partner, with your best interests always in mind.
This consultative, customer-centric approach means we actually communicate you (and not just when things are going wrong – we may call just to find out how business is going). We feel responsible for our clients and want you to use us as a platform to grow and develop. We are happy to analyse your business and advise on where we think you can make cost savings. And you will find us very flexible to work with – if something is technically possible we will do our best to make it happen. All very revolutionary for the payment solutions industry ... 

  • Fast settlement – Forget waiting for your money for a month or even a week, although there are variations from country to country we can typically offer settlement within 1-3 days for large volume  processors, and within 5-7 days for SMEs. Read more.
  • Multiple merchant accounts – If you trade internationally we can set up multiple merchant accounts in countries where you trade so you are not penalised by high cross border transaction fees. Read more.
  • More uptime
    • Payment gateway – Especially for large enterprises, your payment platform going down can mean considerable lost revenue – the SoEasyPay payment gateway is one of the most reliable in the industry with a downtime of just 4 minutes in two years. Read more.
    • Merchant account – Equally, having your merchant account go down can greatly impact on profits. In this situation, you have the option of having your transactions automatically rerouted to a back-up account from a different bank. (SPECIAL OFFER: If you wish to keep your current merchant account we are offering a FREE back-up merchant account* – see below). Read more.
  • Monitoring decline & conversion rates – We monitor your decline and conversion rates to alert you early to errors causing lost sales. Read more.
  • Technical flexibility – If you ever need a non-standard feature or change – almost inevitable if you are a larger business – we can usually add it quickly with the minimum of fuss, in days or even hours. Read more.
  • Security – SoEasyPay offers the highest level security for your customers’ data – we are level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Read more.
  • Competitive rates – If you wish to retain an existing merchant account or organise one independently, we are happy to work with whichever acquiring bank you prefer. However, working with 30+ acquiring banks means we can ensure a highly competitive merchant account transaction rate for your sector and size of business. Read more.
Above are just a few of the key benefits – several totally unique to us – of switching to SoEasyPay, for a full list please click here. At SoEasyPay we believe in doing things differently ... and better.
At SoEasyPay we aim to make the switching process as fast and simple as possible. We offer corporate, enterprise and SME solutions:
  • With merchant account/s –  as all-in-one packages including the SoEasyPay payment gateway and merchant account/s, 
  • Without merchant account/s – or, if you wish to keep your existing merchant account, we offer packages that include access to the SoEasyPay payment gateway without merchant services. 

Large volume processing solutions

In line with our highly consultative approach, our large volume payment processing solutions are tailor made. We do not charge any payment gateway fee for these customers. 
SPECIAL OFFER: If you wish to keep your current merchant account but want to enjoy a back-up for redundancy, simply switch to the SoEasyPay payment gateway and we will give you a FREE back-up merchant account with another bank. So in the event of your primary merchant account going down all your transactions will be rerouted to your back-up and you will not lose any sales.
For more information please call us now on +44 (0) 844 88 49 200 or email
We are integrated with somany payment methods