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A flexible and feature-rich API

As a developer you need the flexibility to deliver the right features for each client to help them develop their online business. Unfortunately APIs are often very limited, restricting what you are able to achieve. Our API offers you flexibility and a comprehensive range of technical features so your clients can handle all aspects of online payment processing, including: sale, authorise, decline, capture, voiding, refunding and partial deliveries.

The right features can make a big difference to businesses trading online. For example, some APIs don’t allow partial deliveries / multiple captures: this means if a customer buys several items online in the same transaction, if some of them are out of stock there will be a delay since the system can only do one capture and so must deliver all the items in one delivery. Another example is some APIs only allow authorisation of a fixed nominal sum: so the sum authorised doesn’t match the cost of the transaction, and the customer may not have the necessary funds to cover the cost of their purchase.

With SoEasyPay you enjoy extensive technical features – and your clients enjoy more effective ecommerce websites

We are integrated with somany payment methods