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To put it simply SoEasyPay aims to revolutionise the payment processing industry by doing things differently, better and focusing on your best interests – ultimately helping your business succeed online and improving your bottom line.

Where we really come into our own is helping our clients make savings in ways they were previously not even aware were possible; for example, how SMEs can use multiple hosted payment pages to boost sales conversion rates or how a company trading internationally can use multiple merchant accounts to avoid cross border fees.

So while competitive rates are important, they are only part of what we can offer. And the good news is the more business you do online, the more dramatic the savings SoEasyPay can help you make – our features can especially impact businesses with high volumes of online transactions. 

  • Helping you get started
    Arrow - Normal Online payment ‘one stop shop’ – for your payment gateway AND merchant account/s
    Arrow - Normal One cost centre, no need to hassle with the banks about your merchant accounts
    Arrow - Normal Start trading sooner with fast merchant account set-up and easy integration, all done within 5 - 7 days 
    Arrow - Normal Online trading ‘one stop shop’ – the SoEasy group offers everything from ecommerce websites to security certification

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  • Improve your cash flow - Fast settlement
    Arrow - Normal Forget waiting for your money for a month, or even a week, we offer settlement within 1 - 3 days

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  • Competitive rates - relationship with 30+ acquiring banks worldwide ensures the best rates available
    Arrow - Normal If you need a merchant account, we offer a choice of 30+ acquiring banks worldwide, ensuring highly competittive rates
    Arrow - Normal More choice of banks with an independent payment service provider
    Arrow - Normal Flexibility to offer more competitive rates 
    Arrow - Normal Flexibility to cater for ‘high risk’ sectors

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  • Unlimited merchant accounts 
    Arrow - Normal Option of back-up merchant account for greater uptime
    Arrow - Normal International trading – avoid being penalised by cross border fees
    Arrow - Normal Avoid missing out on transactions which while declined by one bank may be accepted by another

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  • Multiple currencies 
    Arrow - Normal Selling in the currencies of your choice
    Arrow - Normal Card routing enabling you to SETTLE in the currency of your choice
    Arrow - Normal We help with your country specific transaction strategies

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  • More uptime
    Arrow - Normal Ultra-reliable payment gateway with industry leading uptime
    Arrow - Normal Our platform is one of the most reliable in the industry with a down time of just 4 minutes in the last 2 years
    Arrow - Normal Optimise uptime with back-up merchant accounts where transaticons automatically are re-routed to another bank
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  • Payment methods
    Arrow - Normal Virtual terminal (MOTO)
    Arrow - Normal Mobile
    Arrow - Normal Direct Debit in Europe
    Arrow - Normal On-line
    Arrow - Normal Batch bank payouts, multiple bank transfers
  • Technical Flexibility - easy, flexible integration with your website
    Arrow - Normal Hosted payment pages (ideal for SMEs) – increase conversion with multiple payment pages 
    Arrow - Normal Payment pages optimised for most mobile devices
    Arrow - Normal API integration pages (ideal for corporates & enterprise) – fast, easy and feature-rich
    Arrow - Normal If you need a non-standard feature we can usually add it quickly, in days or even hours.

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  • Service and responsiveness
    Arrow - Normal Technilcal flexibility & innovation, we can usually add it quickly, in days or even hours
    Arrow - Normal Changes or special features with a minimum of fuss
    Arrow - Normal Consultancy approach and bespoke/niche solutions

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  • Payment processing
    Arrow - Normal Deferred
    Arrow - Normal Repeat / rebilling
    Arrow - Normal Recurring
    Arrow - Normal Autorization
    Arrow - Normal Capture (multiple)
    Arrow - Normal Sales transactions
    Arrow - Normal Rerund (multiple)
    Arrow - Normal Cancellations/void
  • Security
    Arrow - Normal We are PCI DSS Level 1 certified
    Arrow - Normal We offer PCI scanning services
    Arrow - Normal Fraudscrubbing

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  • Monitoring decline and conversion rates
    Arrow - Normal We monitor your decline & conversion rates to alert you to faults causing lost sales 
    Arrow - Normal Consultancy approach to identify how your business can save money
    Arrow - Normal We act as a proactive partner dedicated to improve your bottom line

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We are integrated with somany payment methods